Power Washing

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Power Washing

In today’s world, image is everything. A clean and bright place is a reflection of your business or property. R&B Painting is committed to provide our customers with the highest service possible to keep you 100% satisfied with our cleaning services – period!

Power-washing is the best way to clean painted surfaces. We pre-treat with a biodegradable solution and then power-wash to remove dust, dirt, chalky oxidation, and loose paint. Power-washing also helps reveal bad wood hiding under the old paint. We use environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaners to make your property look its best and make your business stand out and sparkle. There are no contaminants that we are unable to take on and remove. Some surfaces can be power-washed rather than the costly procedure of replacement, resurfacing, or painting which can save you hundreds of dollars. Whether your location is residential, commercial, or industrial, you’ll be impressed with the restoration effects your location generates.

Power-washing can be tricky and tedious, but don’t worry: Our professionals have the tools and knowledge to accurately perform all power-washing services to meet your needs! Don’t wait any longer… Call us now to take care of that much needed cleaning service!